Preliminary Options

This page provides you with a small blurb and relevant websites in regards to the options available to stage 6 PDHPE students. In addition to the two preliminary cores (60% course time), students must complete two preliminary options (20% each of course time).

Option 1: First Aid


Focuses on first aid, delivery and implications. Students engage in the investigation and practical application of the major assessment and management techniques through the exploration of cause and symptoms of major injuries and medical conditions. Students also explore the ethical arguments associated with the delivery of first aid.
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St Johns
Information on first aid management and treatment
Australian Resuscitation Council
Up-to-date information on resuscitation techniques and guidelines

Option 2: Composition and Performancej1.jpg

Focuses on the composition and the performance of movement. Students explore the elements of composition and apply them to movements skills in a medium of their choice (Gymnastics, dances, aerobics or game strategies). Students will also develop appropriate ways of appraising performance and use the resulting feedback to refine their compositions.

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Gymnastics Australia
information on first aid management and treatment
Association of National Aerobics Championships
Information about competitive aerobics

Option 3: Fitness Choiceexercise-picture.jpg

Examines the exercise options that are available to meet varying fitness needs of individuals. Students investigate what exercise means to different people and the factors that influence exercise choices.
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Fitness Australia
Information about fitness industry
Premiers Council for Active living
Information about the NSW government strategy to increase physical activity participation
Advertising Standards Bureau
Information about self-regulation in advertising

Option 4: Outdoor Recreationcamping.jpg

Focuses on the development of skills, understanding and attitudes necessary for safe participation in outdoor recreation activities. Students undertake practical learning experiences in order to develop technical skills of camp craft, navigation and survival action.

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Outdoor Council Australia
Information about outdoor recreation in Australia
Leave no trace Australia
Information on minimal impact outdoor recreation