Preliminary Core 1: Better Health for Individuals


This page includes:
1. Syllabus Content
2. Sample examination questions
3. Helpful and Handy websites
4. Video resources

Syllabus Content

Core 1 Description

This module should occupy approximately 30% total course time.

This core examines the meanings of health, the perceptions individuals have about health and the range of factors and behaviours that influence health. Students are introduce to health promotion and investigate approaches ad strategies that can assist individuals to achieve better health. After studying this module, students will understand and value how a wide range of factors interact to support an individual to achieve better health. This understanding is further developed in the HSC core, Health Priorities in Australia.





Sample examination questions


Below are a range of examination style questions. The questions have been broken into 3 groups according to marks allocated to this style of question. Keep in mind when answering the questions, the marks allocated to each question determines the length of response. A helpful hint when answering questions is to refer back to the HSC- Key terms page to understand what the verb in the question is asking!!

4 mark questions:

1. Contrast between the ‘relative nature and ‘dynamic’ nature of health.

2. Give an outline of the five dimensions of health, highlighting the interaction between each of them in relation to health.

3. Examine the problems associated with attributing responsibility for health solely to individuals?

4. Explain how various settings can be used to improve the health of individuals.

6 mark questions

5. Explain how a person’s perceptions of health are socially constructed.

6. Justify the use of prevention medical approaches to health promotion.

7. Propose reasons why key areas of health for young people have improved over the last 30 years.

8. Use specific examples to compare the influences of the media and education on the health of young people.

10 marks questions

9. Select on the following health issues- mental health, body image, drug use, sexal health, food habits, physical activity or road safety. Identify a range of risk and
protective behaviours for this health issues and investigate how risk decreases or increases when multiple factors interact.

10. Critically analyse the extent to which young people are able to exert control over their own health.

11. Critically analyse how the determinants of health interrelate to affect the health status of young people from low socio-economic backgrounds.

12. Outline the relationship between the three levels of government in planning and delivering health promotion programs.

13. Propose strategies for applying the principles of equity, diversity and supportive environments in your school and your local community.

Helpful and Handy Websites


These websites are here to help you navigate through the expanse of internet information. Please feel free if you find another helpful or handy site to log on and add the site to the table below!!

Current URL
Useful for..
Australian institute of health and welfare
Access to statistics and other information on the health and wellbeing of Australians, in particular, access to the publication Young Australians: Their health and wellbeing, Australia’s Health 2008’
Information about relevant youth health issues
DrugInfo clearing house
Easy-to-access information on alcohol, other rugs and preventions
Adios Barbie
A site devoted to all body shapes and sizes
Family Planning NSW
Information about sexual health
Australia’s National Youth Mental health Foundation.
Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing
Policies and programs for health
World health Organisation
Information on the Determinants of health

Information on the Ottawa Charter
NSW Health
Policies and programs hat enhance health

Video resources

These video resources are here to help you further understand some of the complex concepts that we are dealing with in class!! If you find any other help and appropriate clips, log on and add them to this page!!

These few short advertisements give us an insight into some of the issues affecting young teens. They highlight the way in which media can negatively influence teens into believing what your body should look like according to society. The dove campaigns also provide a positive way in which media can show the negative messages the youth of today are recieving.
Links to clips: Dove Evolution-, Dove Onslaught-, Manipulation- and Reality-

This short clip provides an insight into the pathways for health promotion, what kind of initiatives health promotion organisations run, evaluation strategies, what government sectors organisations work with and what it takes to become a health promotion officer.
Link to clip:

This short clip follows the life of a youth worker at a youth centre called Oasis. This provides insight into the health behaviours of the homeless youth, the determinants of health and the degree to which individuals can exert control over their health (modifiable and non-modifiable health determinants).
Link to clip: