Collaborative Writting Space


This page provides students with the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge on specified HSC style questions.
To access the group postings you must become a wikispaces member and can access posts on the discussion tab above. Each question is taken from the extended responses section of the HSC papers. There are two questions from each HSC core topic.thinking_cap.gif

HSC core 1: Health Priorities in Australia

Q1. HSC 2010 Question 21 (8 marks)

(a) Outline TWO socioeconomic determinants that contribute to health inequities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. (3)

(b) Describe the roles that individuals, communities and governments have in addressing health inequities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peoples. (5)

Q2. HSC 2009 Question 21 (20 marks)

(a) Describe how reorienting health services can improve the health of Australians. (4)

(b) Compare the health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the broader Australian population. (6)

(c) Assess how effective the new public health approach has been in addressing one of Australia’s health priority areas. (10)

HSC core 2: Factors affecting performance

Q1. HSC 2009 Question 22 part b (15 marks)

Evaluate the types of practice methods and feedback that can assist an athlete to progress through the stages of skill acquisition.

Q2. HSC 2008 Question 21- part c (12 marks)

An athlete in the sport of your choice shows signs of anxiety and exhibits the following performance characteristics:
• easily distracted by noise, crowd and opponents
• makes many unforced errors
• highly paid and highly skilled but underperforms.
Recommend strategies that could be implemented to motivate this athlete and manage their anxiety.