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This page is a designated space for students to come, chill, chat and find assitance!! Use this page to get some helpful tips on how to succeed in the HSC, maintain a healthy study and lifestyle balance, chill with a open forum for discusions, relax to some wicked youtube clips and have a reminisce of good times with the slideshare link.

Tips for HSC success

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Sydney Morning Herald, 29th April, 2004: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/04/29/1083103604301.html

Study tips: (from left) Daren Nair, Sandhya Sharma, May Samali and James Orchiston. Photo: Natalie Boog
Hitting the books is a big part of study but students often find that working with others is of great benefit. And so is the right attitude, writes Anneli Knight.

Success in the HSC depends on your approach to study, say year 12 students from Cherrybrook Technology High School. It's important to study consistently all year, make the most of all resources and, above all, keep smiling, say Sam Mcintosh, James Orchiston, May Samali, Sandhya Sharma, Daren Nair and Lucy King.

Here are their top tips.


"You have a lot of freedom to express yourself once you know the syllabus," Sam says. Humanities, especially, benefit from this approach, May says.
"As long as you mention what's in the syllabus, you can't go wrong." Lucy says: "In science, the syllabus is a bible. It saves you not learning things you don't need to know."


"Generally, across the board, you have to consolidate what you do," Sam says. May recommends writing notes as you go and putting together a one-page summary on each topic a couple of weeks before the exam. "Then get parents and friends to test you," she says.


The internet, teachers and other students are important resources. "The internet is invaluable, it helps with lots of past papers," says Daren,
who particularly recommends the website http://www.boredofstudies.org, which was set up by former HSC students. James and May warn that you have to be careful about information from the internet. "You can tell if the notes are not proper notes," May says.

All the students agree you won't get far in the HSC without your teachers. "Teachers make all the difference," May says. "It is important to have a friendship with teachers; to develop that bond." Lucy says: "I handed in an essay four times and my standard has improved so much because of the comments the teacher has given." Setting up student study groups is also a good idea, Daren says. Sandhya says the interactive learning environment is a good change from hitting the books.


Lucy says you should know your distractions and avoid them. Internet messaging can be the biggest culprit when it comes to time wasting. "I'd recommend deleting it," James says. The phone is another killer. James recommends telling people you're not taking any phone calls until a set date.


"You need some form of release," Sandhya says. "You need to take a walk down the road, speak to your friends, do sports, just get out of the house."
"Keep your life in perspective," Lucy says. "Don't let the word HSC freak you out."

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