HSC Options

This page provides you with a small blurb and relevant websites in regards to the options available to stage 6 PDHPE students. In addition to the two HSC cores (60% course time), students must complete two HSC options (20% each of course time).

Option1: The Health of Young PeopleDSC_4957.jpg

Examines the nature of young people’s lives and the developmental factors that significantly influence their health. Students discover that there is much that can be done to support the health of young people and hey critically analyse the level of support currently available

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Information on available youth services
Information on issues affecting young Australians

Option 2: Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Societyclarke470.jpg

Examines the socio-cultural perspectives of sport and physical activity in Australian society. Students explore the changes in sport and physical activity over time and how sport is important in shaping people’s values and beliefs about national identity, gender and culture.

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Australian Sport Commission
Information about Australian sports and current topics
Creative Spirits
Information on Indigenous athletes and traditional games

Option 3: Sports medicineankle.jpg

Focuses on the specific issues of prevention, assessment, management of and recovery from sports injury. Students examine how the extent and intensity of sports participation relates to the incidence of sports injuries. As a result of studying this option, students will be prepared to minimise their risk of injury in sports settings.

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Sports Medicine Australia
Information on sporting injuries and treatments
Peak performance online
Information and relevant articles on sports training, injury and rehabilitation

Options 4: Improving performance1933834-3x2-940x627.jpg

Investigates approaches to the physiological preparation and skill development of athletes. Students will experience and analyse a variety of training methods and look at the application of these methods to improving performance.

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Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority
Information on drug testing and banned substances in sport
Top End Sports
Sport and fitness resources

Option 5: Equity and Health

Focuses on achieving health for all and the actions necessary to realise this goal. Students build upon their understanding of equity ad social justice and examine population that experience health inequities and critically analyse social, cultural, economic and political factors that impact on the health of these populations.

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NSW Health: health promotion
Health topics, promotion strategies, government policies and research
Homelessness NSW
Information about homelessness in NSW