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This page includes
1. Syllabus Content
2. Sample examination questions
3. Helpful and Handy websites
4. Video Resources

Syllabus Content

Core 2 Description
This module should occupy approximately 30% total course time.

This core examines the factors that affect performance. Students explore the physical (approaches to training and skill development) and psychological (nutrition and recovery strategies) bases of performance. This learning enables students to take action to influence their own performance and enhance that of others through coaching applications.


Sample examination questionsQuestion-Mark-Man.jpg

Below is a range of examination style questions. The questions have been broken into 3 groups according to marks allocated to this style of question. Keep in mind when answering the questions, the marks allocated to each question determines the length of response. A helpful hint when answering questions is to refer back to the HSC- Key terms page to understand what the verb in the question is asking!! Post your answer on the discussion tab to recieve feedback!

5 marks

1. Identify and describe the stages of skill acquisition
2. Discuss the importance of knowing the athlete and the modification of coaching instructions to meet the
athletes learning characteristics.
3. Identify FITT principle and describe its importance in training
4. compare and contrast open and closed skills

8 marks

5. Discuss the significance of the anaerobic energy systems for a 200m runner
6. Explain how the characteristics of a learner and the environment can impact upon skill acquisition
7. Outline and describe a situation in which an athlete would benefite from each of the following supplements
a. vitamins/minerals
b. protein
c. creatine
8. Discuss the influence of arousal on individual performance, giving specific sport examples

12 marks

9. Explain, using specific sport examples how interval training can be used to improve both aerobic and anaerobic power
10. Explain how a coach may use increase and athletes intrinsic motivation and analyse why this type of motivation is beneficial
11. Outline the principles of training and discuss how these principles can improve an athletes performance, make reference to specific examples

Helpful and Handy websitesimages.jpeg

These websites are here to help you navigate through the expanse of internet information. Please feel free if you find another helpful or handy site to log on and add the site to the table below!

Current URL
Useful for..
Sports Coach
Fitness library with information on sport science and coaching
Sport Fitness Advisor
Fitness advice
Peak sports
Performance related information, including sports psychology
Exercise Prescription
Information on exercises and muscles
Australian Institute of Sport
Information on brainwaves initiative, performance psychology and sports nutrition and supplementation
Sports Dietitians Australia
Nutrition in sport
Information on learning styles
Blogsport- Skill acquisition
Collaborative tool on stages of skill acquisition

Video Resources

These video resources are here to help you further understand some of the complex concepts we are dealing with in class!! If you find any other helpful and appropriate clips, log on and add them to this page!!

This clip briefly outlines the energy systems required by the body to produce movement with specific examples and basic human physiology.
Link to clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKVvye0nftM

This clip outlines with diagrams the aeorbic and anaeorbic energy systems of the body.
Link to clip: Aerobic system- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQMsJSme780&feature=related and Anaerobic system www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCmNQQWlrc0&feature=related

This clip provides a basic overview of the stages of learning associated with skill acquisition.
Link to clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atDzRu7oSHg