HSC Core 1: Health Priorities in Australia


This page includes:
1. Syllabus Content
2. Sample examination questions
3. Helpful and Handy websites
4. Video Resources

Syllabus Content

Core 1 Description

This module should occupy approximately 30% total course time.

This core examines the health status of Australian’s and investigates, in depth, the current health priority issues in Australia. Students identify and justify the choice of priority issues and examine the roles that health system and health promotion play in achieving better health for all Australians. Students learn how health can be promoted by personal and community action and by policies and services at all levels of responsibility.





Sample examination questionsQuestion-Mark-Man.jpg

Below is a range of examination style questions. The questions have been broken into 3 groups according to marks allocated to this style of question. Keep in mind when answering the questions, the marks allocated to each question determines the length of response. A helpful hint when answering questions is to refer back to the HSC- Key terms page to understand what the verb in the question is asking!! Post your answers above in the discussion tab to recieve feedback!

4 marks

1. Discuss the level of responsibility individuals need to accept for their own health.
2. Outline the role of epidemiology.
3. Outline the major health inequalities that exist in Australia.
4. Describe the risk and protective factors associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD).
5. Outline the range and types of health car facilities and services in Australia.

6 marks

6. Critically analyse the health status of Australian males and females, account for the differences between them.
7. Justify why cancer was selected as a national health priority area.
8. Justify the inclusion of rural and remote communities as a priority issues for improving Australia’s health.
9. Assess the importance the private health sector plays in providing health care to Australians.

10 marks

10. Select a health promotion campaign and critically analyse the importance of the Ottawa charter action areas for the campaign.
11. Analyse and provide reasons why Australia’s ageing population poses a risk to Australia’s health system.
12. Assess the significance of social justice principles in identifying priority health issues.

Helpful and Handy websites


These websites are here to help you navigate through the expanse of internet information. Please feel free if you find another helpful or handy site to log on and add the site to the table below!

Current URL
Useful for..
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Research data on the health of the nation
Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
Policies and programs to improve health and address current health issues
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Statistical data on a range of issues
Australian Human Rights Commision
Information on minority groups and inequalities
Australian Government: National Health and Medical Research council
Research based information relating to health and medical matters
Australian Government: Seniors
Information n health issues for Australians aged over 50 years
Information on medicare and public health system
Closing the Gap
Information on Australia’s Government response to inequalities and strategies to overcome

Video Resources

These video resources are here to help you further understand some of the complex concepts we are dealing with in class!! If you find any other helpful and appropriate clips, log on and add them to this page!!

This short clips gives an outline on the Australian health care system and the difference between the public sector and the private sector of health.
Link to clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqnmg2qKhDo

This clip provides an international perspective of America's health care system. This provides you with an alternate perspective of health care globally.
Link to clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrIlnEOrlxU

This ABC news clip gives an insight into the health of Australia's indigenous communities. The clip suggests that to improve indigenous health more indigneous medical professionals are needed.
Link to clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IwxhdLfseE