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This page gives you access to specific articles related to the four core areas in the stage 6 syllabus. We encorage each student to post either a personal response to the article or answer the given questions. This task will provide you with a greater in depth understanding of the topics dealt with in class and in examinations.
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Preliminary Core 1: Better Health for Individualscars.gif

Article 1: Roads and Traffic Authority Roadsafety campaigns


Related Questions:
Q 1. Do you think this media campaign is effective in getting its message across to the target audience?
Q 2. How do you think these television advertisements will impact on young people’s driving behaviours?
Q 3. This article highlights the positive effects of the campaign do you think there are any negative effects? Justify why.

Source: Roads and Traffic Authority, Don't Rush Road Safety Campaign, 30th May 2011

Preliminary Core 2: The Body in Motionsport.gif

Article 2: Why should you mix up your work outs


Related Questions:
Q 1. Discuss whether to achieve peak fitness athletes must “mix up” workouts
Q 2. Examine how “mixing up” workouts can address health-related components of physical fitness.

Source: Good Health magazine, 30th August, 2011

HSC Core 1: Health Priorities in Australiatractor.gif

Article 3: Rural services now in the spotlight


Related Questions:
Q 1. Discuss the implications of the lack of attention and funding for rural communities health?
Q 2. Do you think the rolling out the broadband system will assist in the divide between rural and urban access to health services?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 24th August, 2010

HSC Core 2: Factors affecting Performancerowrow.gif

Article 4: Weight training is crucial for masters athletes


Related Questions:
Q 1. Analyse why it is crucial for masters athletes to partake in weight training.
Q 2. Why is strength and power an integral part of performance. Use specific sport related examples.
Q 3. Analyse what kinds of training methods and principles or training are most effective in weight training.

Source: Australian Sports Commission, Volume 30 Number 4

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